Investing in better patient outcomes

Financial benefits

  • One device can treat a wide range of patients and can be used in multiple departments
  • Single-patient adapters are inexpensive and stay with the patient for the duration of the hospital stay
  • Can be used with patients of all ages by simply changing one of 4 adapters with filters
  • Increases the number of possible treatments per day
Financial benefits

Patient safety & quality

  • Very gentle treatment
  • Easy to use, no need to move patient
  • Higher patient compliance to treatment may result in shorter hospital stays
  • Allows for multiple treatments per day without the patient feeling tired after
Patient safety & quality

Resources used

  • Fast & easy set up allows for more treatments per day
  • No fitting or moving the patient
  • Treatment on one side only, non-positional
  • No danger of injury to caregivers (shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower back by lifting immobilized patients)
Resources used

Patient satisfaction


Gentle treatment very well tolerated by frail patients


Allows for multiple treatments per day, can shorten duration of hospital stays and helps patients get better faster


Ideal for patients facing challenging conditions (G-tube, trauma, obesity...)


Non-disruptive therapy, only emits 65 Db (sound level of a background music)

Using a Baylor University standardized questionnaire, patients assess their currently used clearance technique versus the Frequencer® over a 2-week trial period.

Case reports and Testimonials