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Innovation based on a patient’s real-life experience

Dymedso, a Canadian-based company, is a pioneer in using sound (acoustics) to treat patients with airway clearance diseases. The Company was founded based on the invention of Louis Plante, a cystic fibrosis (CF) patient, along with the collaboration of a medical team from Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Canada. The Company was incorporated as Dymedso in 2002 by Louis Plante and Yvon Robert. In 2006, following four years of research, Dymedso launched it’s first digitally-controlled acoustic airway clearance device, the Frequencer 1001. In 2010, the Frequencer V2 and V2x were introduced for home and hospital use respectively.

About the Frequencer®

Committed to on-going research

Dymedso is an innovative company that continues to explore ways to improve its product offering, while conducting research into developing products to treat an even wider range of patients requiring airway clearance. The Company is committed to better patient care and health outcomes and is therefore involved in clinical trials evaluating the use of the Frequencer in a wide range of patient populations (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - COPD) and settings (hospital and home use).

The inventor

CF Patient and Inventor

Louis Plante

A simple and unique discovery

It all started with Louis Plante, a 26-year-old CF patient who woke up one morning wondering why he had had to leave a concert hall a few months earlier due to excessive coughing. He believed that his coughing may have been related to the fact that he was sitting close to a large speaker.

In 2015, Louis was internationally recognized in Portugal for his innovation.

First prototype

A solution like no other

A skilled electronics technician, Louis began the process of developing a device that could generate low-frequency vibrations (similar to the frequencies generated by the speaker) to be used in airway clearance therapy. Louis' results using the newly developed device were so astonishing that even his physician was surprised. Until the day he started using this new sound machine, Louis had never responded very well to clapping, although it was done by his mother, an experienced nurse at the University of Sherbrooke Medical Center.

At the age of 11, Louis lost his sister to CF and, like many young CF patients, denied his illness for many years. His FEV1 was at 42% when he first tried his low-frequency generator.

On a regular basis, Louis used to expectorate 25g of mucus at the end of a CPT session. It was now a constant 65g and more with his new device. It would even reach 96g on occasions. That was in 2001.

In 2006, Louis has a lung transplanted... but he kept his clearance device close by... just in case... and twice Louis says it prevented him from loosing one of his new transplanted lungs.

The Frequencer today

A treatment that worked

In 2008, Louis' physician scheduled a new operation, this time to remove his new left lung after a scan showed a severe infection on his upper lobe. Two weeks later, Louis returned for the operation and they performed a new scan to update their previous diagnosis... the infection had disappeared!

Louis told them he had used his frequency device so much during those 2 weeks it must have dried up the infected area... because no pills or antibiotics were used... just low frequency…

In 2009, same scenario... same lobe... This time, the physician recommended that Louis repeat what he had done the first time…

A treatment that worked

Louis’ dream of helping others

Sadly, after years of living with the many challenges associated with CF, Louis died in April 2017. While Louis is no longer with us, his legacy of helping others lives on through his discovery of how sound (acoustics) and his invention (Frequencer) can treat airway clearance issues. Louis’ dream was to make the Frequencer widely available so that patients like himself, could breath easier through the utilization of acoustics. We at Dymedso are committed to making Louis’ dream a reality by making every effort to ensure those suffering from airway clearance difficulties have access to this novel and effective treatment.

About the Frequencer®

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