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Dymedso is committed to the introduction of new medical technologies to help those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases.

The company was founded by Louis Plante, a 26-year old cystic fibrosis patient who woke up one morning wondering why he had to leave a concert months earlier because of excessive coughing. He believed that his coughing may have been related to the fact that he was sitting in proximity to a large speaker. Being a skilled electronics technician, Louis began the process of developing a device that could generate low frequency vibrations (similar to the frequencies generated by the speaker) that could be used as a means of airway clearance therapy. Louis' results using this newly developed device were so astonishing, even his physician was surprised.

Based on this technology, Dymedso was created in 2002 and the company introduced its digitally-controlled acoustic airway clearance device, the FrequencerTM, following 4 years of R&D and clinical trials. The Frequencer, applied to the chest of a patient delivers low-energy resonant (acoustic) vibrations, reduces mucus viscosity and thereby promotes mucus flow.

For hospitals, already acquainted with ultrasound and scanners operating at very high frequencies, sound at low and very low frequencies offers a completely new range of treatment possibilities in airway clearance.

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