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Frequencer™ V2X - Accessories

Single patient use disposable adapters with filter

Disposable adapters with filter come in four sizes to fit patients of all ages.

  • DYMFLT1 is the smallest adapter with a 1" diameter opening and is for babies
  • DYMFLT2 has a 2" diameter opening and is for small children
  • DYMFLT3 has a 3" opening and is for teens and small size adults
  • DYMFLT4 has a 4" opening and is for adults
  • DYMFLT1T is a 60" flexible extension tube that is attached to the 1" adapter and is used to accomodate situations where the weight of the transducer may cause patient discomfort.

The correct sized adapter is the largest one that assures a proper seal on the chest area.

Adapters are individually wrapped and packed in a plastic bag in sets of five.

Roll Stand

  • The roll stand is 40" high and comes with a handle, a fix mounted plate, two utility baskets and a power supply bracket.
  • A removable fixation plate under the Frequencer™ V2x assures an easy fit on the roll stand.


roll stand

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